Over Intra Metals

Intra Metals is part of a large international group, which is the global leader in stainless steel processing and stock. The group uses 1,500 tons of nickel alloys, 6,000 tons of decoil and 50,000 tons of quarto plates annually. This ensures that we benefit from a unique purchasing advantage when buying our material. Intra Metals is the specialist in titanium, nickel alloys, stainless steel, duplex and heat-resistant materials. Our sales office is located in Amsterdam.

Intra Metals makes use of production companies both inside and outside our group, mainly specialising in plates and cutting. In doing so, we use the overcapacity of the various sites. We have laser, plasma, waterjet and saw cutting machines. We also have bending, rolling, deburring and tapping machines. This enables us to cut plates with thicknessess of up to 150 mm, fast, efficiently, and in the highest grades in any shape you desire.